We also offer a maintenance plan for doors in heavily frequented areas, to increase the longevity of the door significantly.

1. The lock cylinders must be cleaned and oiled at least once a year and the doors in more heavily frequented areas (such as entrance hall doors) must undergo the same process every three months. Use lock oil as other lubricants may ruin the cylinder and void the warranty.

2. Check the condition of the hinges and lubricate the arms and bearings of the hinge at least twice a year using a bearing grease.

3. Depending on frequency of use, periodically check the condition of locks, closers, handles, hinges and seals on the door.

4. Taking apart the lock case or cylinders yourself will void the warranty.

5. If necessary, perform maintenance on the door closer in heavily frequented places at least twice a year.

6. Spare keys must always be made from the original blanks.

7. Use only ASSA lock grease and ASSA lock oil to maintain ASSA and ABLOY locks pursuant to the ASSA warranty terms.

8. Clean and lubricate all rubber seals with silicone oil at least twice a year.
In places that see intensive use and outdoor areas. Make sure that the seals remain in the splines.
Damages seals are not subject to replacement under warranty.

9. The products are coated with emulsion paint. The surface may be repainted and touched up with liquid paint after the warranty period is over. In doing this, the surface must be cleaned of dirt, rust and oils.

The surface must be sanded rough.

10. The surface of the painted products must be cleaned with a soft cloth if necessary, using a cleaning solution diluted as directed with water. It is prohibited to use thinners, abrasive and acidic cleaning compounds.